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Lenny RC1, size issues, and the Lenny release


am a bit in a hurry, so sorry for beeing short. have three things to say...

1. I've build new images.. Lenny Live RC1, available at:

2. The size issues are not fixed in a good way (need to have a really
   good look at all these things after lenny), but they are

   Differencies between beta1 and beta2 was, that i've used
   --tasksel tasksel rather than --tasksel aptitude. Reverting this,
   has brought the images back to a their previous size.

   Differencies between beta2 and rc1 are:
   - laptop task is not pulled in by default anymore
   - instead of installing both 486 and 686 kernel flavours on
     gnome-desktop and kde-desktop images, i've only included 486
     (saves about 25mb)
   i consider these two things the less evil than excluding
   openoffice.org. opinions welcome.

   Differencies between rc1 and rc2:
   - by mistake, win32-loader was always included in rc1 images,
     eventhough that no d-i is on the images (fixed in l-h already).
     however, the syslinux menu is not yet on board. so those two things
     will equalize each other sizewise.
   - the amd64 gnome-desktop image is still about 10mb too big, the only
     sane way i can think of, rather than excluding even more packages,
     is to just not include /var/lib/apt/lists anymore. this saves
     just about 10mb and should make the amd64 gnome-desktop image fit.
     will test-build this later in the afternoon.

3. In order to get the lenny release done, i'm waiting until the
   dedication stuff is ready, so that i can include this as well.

   Then I'll building new set of images with syslinux menu on thursday
   evening. uploading live-helper the last time before lenny release,
   that version will still make it to lenny.

   in addition to the cd images, there will be one 'new' dvd image that
   contains *all* the other flavours (standard,rescue,*-desktop) and
   where one can select at boot time in the syslinux menu which system
   to boot. this image will also contain debian-installer netinst. if
   there is space enough on it, i will also include the source tarball
   for the live systems, so that this would be an ideal 'give away' dvd
   for e.g. exhibitions (it's not perfect, for that it would need to be
   multi-arch, but there was no time left to achieve that as well).

   lenny release images will be build on between next saturday evening
   and sunday morning.

hope i didn't forget anything.


Address:        Daniel Baumann, Burgunderstrasse 3, CH-4562 Biberist
Email:          daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net
Internet:       http://people.panthera-systems.net/~daniel-baumann/

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