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Re: editing conf files

schoappied wrote:
Padma wrote:
schoappied wrote:
Padma wrote:

Thanks. And if I want to mix debian lenny with unstable (e.g. install some audio packages from unstable), how can I do it (e.g. specify which packages should be installed from unstable)?

Download that unstable package (.deb/lib files)
put that package file into config/chroot_local-includes/tmp/ and put unzip that package (if taz.gz)place that into chroot_local-includes/usr/lib/

Thanks but I don't want to build a testing system with a few unstable packages, but I want to have a mixed system, like described here:

So I want to have both testing and unstable repo's in my sourceslist and make a file apt.conf with this enty:

APT::Default-Release "testing";

The files apt.conf is normally in /etc/apt/apt.conf (the same place as the sources.list). Should I copy the apt.conf file also in this path:



Thanks in advance,


In addition to the question above. How do I manage config files in general?

I want to edit for example:

/etc/security/limits.conf where should I put that file for building the live-cd? What is the relation between where the file is at on a installed debian installation and where the file is at in an debian-live (before building)?

Also when I want to edit the fstab, menu.lst etc. how can I know in which paths I have to copy those files?


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