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Re: editing conf files

Padma wrote:

schoappied wrote:
I want to make a custom Debian live cd with a installer,
You can use live-helper for making Debian Live CD and in that for enabling installer with live CD you just have to set LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER="live" and LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_DISTRIBUTION="daily"
but how can I edit the sourcelist and other conf files for the customized distro?

put edit source.list file and put that file into this path : config/chroot_local-includes/skel/etc/apt/source.list also you can once load live CD, save .conf file, take back up and use that .conf file by placing that file to config/chroot_local-includes/skel/

Thanks. And if I want to mix debian lenny with unstable (e.g. install some audio packages from unstable), how can I do it (e.g. specify which packages should be installed from unstable)?

Thanks in advance,


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