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Re: Science live DVD

Chris Walker wrote:
> lh_build looks like it has excluded packages from contrib and non-free -
> which is probably the right thing to do.

unless you tell to explictly use contrib/non-free by calling lh_config
--categories 'main contrib non-free', it will not use anything from them.

however, in the package list, you can conditionally list those packages
anyway, such as:

# example package list

main3 main4 main5

#ifdef CATEGORIES contrib
contrib3 contrib4 contrib5

#ifdef CATEGORIES non-free
nonfree3 nonfree4 nonfree5

more generally, you can check for any variable live-helper has in it's
config (CATEGORIES above revers to LH_CATEGORIES), means, you can also
have a very list that can be used to build images for etch, lenny and
sid. look at the rescue list for such an example, but note that nesting
of multiple definitions doesn't work.

however, do you mind sending me a as much as possible
complete/full-featured list for debian-science?


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