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Re: "no such script" error

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
> Hi,


> $ lh_config --mirror-binary http://localhost/mirror -d 03.12.08
> --security disabled --apt-secure disabled --packages "less wajig
> pmount" --apt "-allow-unauthenticated"

Wrong configuration:

-d specifies the distribution of the target (live) system. valid values
are codenames, e.g. 'lenny' (without '').

--apt specifies whetever apt-get or aptitude shall be used to create the
live system, using one or the other can have slightely different outcome
in some corner cases. valid values are either 'apt' or 'apt-get' to
specify apt-get, or 'aptitude' for aptitude (always without '').


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