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Re: apparent failure to mount /root during boot of netboot image

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On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 05:13:45PM +0100, Andrew Baumann wrote:
> On Friday 21 November 2008 16.18:34 Andrew Baumann wrote:
> > I was able to manually mount the filesystem, but only after manually
> > loading (ie. modprobe) the loop and squashfs modules:
> Quick update: breaking in at the top, manually loading the loop and squashfs 
> modules, and resuming, doesn't seem to work either, so perhaps this was a red 
> herring. It seems there is no attempt to mount /root (because I also don't see 
> any error messages from such a mount).
> I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how all the scripts fit together and 
> how the mount proceeds; where should the mount actually happen? Presumably 
> shortly after it mounts the NFS?

Sorry for the late response. Had to catch the train.

So, to understand your setup: your live image "lives" in an nfs-mounted
directory, ""
or thereabouts, right?

I am not at my devel machine at the moment, but there is a script
somewhere within this init thing which tries to find this boot image
(trolling through accessible block devices and so on). Perhaps it's not
finding the live image?

- -- tomás
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