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Re: /sbin/losetup read only


Thanks for the answer,

You are right about the three things in a default live cd behavior.

Mounting filesystem.squashfs in read-only mode is not a problem, but when you want to mount something like home-rw.ext2, that doesn't do the trick.

Does this mean that read-only mode is set to default in /sbin/losetup source code ?

Two things seem to me a bit strange :
- busy box losetup doesn't mount by default in read-only mode.
- calling losetup from the booted environment doesn't mount by default in read-only mode.



Daniel Baumann wrote:

Olivier wrote:
Why does /sbin/losetup mount /dev/loop* readonly when called from
initramfs script ?


  * you cannot write to a fixed image anyway

  * not on a read-only media anyway

  * the purpose of a live system is to be (by default behaviour) not


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