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Re: /sbin/losetup read only


I found solution: change the ro mount settings to rw for root mount

Have not yet tested if it still works on Live CD.

If it doesn't maybe a boot option or an enhancement of persistent boot parameter should fix this problem.

Have not the time for the moment to submit state of the art patch.

See you,


Olivier wrote:

Thanks for the answer,

You are right about the three things in a default live cd behavior.

Mounting filesystem.squashfs in read-only mode is not a problem, but when you want to mount something like home-rw.ext2, that doesn't do the trick.

Does this mean that read-only mode is set to default in /sbin/losetup source code ?

Two things seem to me a bit strange :
- busy box losetup doesn't mount by default in read-only mode.
- calling losetup from the booted environment doesn't mount by default in read-only mode.



Daniel Baumann wrote:

Olivier wrote:
Why does /sbin/losetup mount /dev/loop* readonly when called from
initramfs script ?


  * you cannot write to a fixed image anyway

  * not on a read-only media anyway

  * the purpose of a live system is to be (by default behaviour) not


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