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Re: on the fly modules adding and removal

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 22:01:04 +0100, Marco Amadori wrote:

> On Sunday 16 November 2008 21:59:38 T o n g wrote:
>> Last time I asked, there was no such tool to add or remove (optional)
>> compressed filesystems into root aufs on the fly, as Slax does.
> Nothing on the fly, only at boot time.
> Go on!

OK, I'll start now.

>> I'm wondering if we have something similar now? If not, is there anyone
>> willing to work on it now?
>> Else, I volunteer to give the fist dab.
> A tool which scan /live/filesystem* and help using aufs ?

Well, to explain it, let me explain the modular concept of Slax first. 

- Just like we put all compressed filesystems under /live and live-
initramfs add them to root aufs at boot time, slax does the same thing as 
well, and it calls all those compressed filesystems "modules", and all 
modules in standard place "base modules".

- Beside base modules, slax has a "optional modules" concept. I.e., 
modules from within a specific optional folder can be selectively added 
to the root aufs at boot time via boot parameters. This is a good feature 
that (live-)initramfs should consider too.

- Moreover, any modules anywhere can be added to or removed from the root 
aufs dynamically any time after system has booted. This is what I was 
talking about.

Now before I begin, how shall we name/use this tool? 

I propose something like, 

 livemod <opr> <compressed filesystems specification>

and I propose the opr to be (either of):

op-code		meaning
add/del		add / delete
ins/rm		insert / remove
plug/pull	plug-in / pull-out

I.e., the tool will insert / remove the specified module into the live 
system. As for the op-code, I've listed something I thought appropriate. 
My preference is, the latter the better. Please comment.

For E.g. 

 livemod plug /path/to/filesystem.squashfs
then all files within /path/to/filesystem.squashfs is now available 
from /. 

 livemod pull /path/to/filesystem.squashfs

Now they are not.

Please comment.


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