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Re: Creating an HPPA live custom CD

Pier Maria Mattioli wrote:
> ( apt cannot find grub couse on hppa 
> the only bootloader is PALO ). How can I modify the lh packages list?

by editing /usr/share/live-helper/lists/rescue (remember that you should
send any fixes you do to the list, so that it can be fixed upstream;
otherwise by installing a newer live-helper version you would loose your
changes, and nobody would profit from your findings too).

i've fixed this in live-helper the following way (please patch your
local version, or better, clone from git and install that):

> How can I modify the "rescue" list to use palo instead of grub?

done with this commit:

> Does this live works also If I 'll use PALO or the only chace with
> live helper is grub?

there are two different things:

  * packages that get *installed* in the *chroot*, if these are
    bootloaders, they are just like an ordinary application - means, you
    can use them to rescue a non-booting system.

  * packages that are *used* while building the *binary* image - those
    are making your resulting binary image boot.

for the first case, you should not need to care about that (except for
space considerations). for the second, as said in the previous mail, you
have to look up what debian-cd does. i've no idea about what is needed
in order to produce bootable images for hppa.

also, if you figured it out, *please* do send anything you
found/patched/$whatever to the list so that we can include it in
live-helper directly and offer to build hppa images in future to be
build directly with live-helper, without the need to patch/modify it


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