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Re: Creating an HPPA live custom CD

Hi, I have other problems using live helper to build an hppa live cd:
when running lh_build it try to install grub and this means an error 
during the build process ( apt cannot find grub couse on hppa 
the only bootloader is PALO ). How can I modify the lh packages list?

Editing config/chroot I found this entry:

How can I modify the "rescue" list to use palo instead of grub?
Does this live works also If I 'll use PALO or the only chace with
live helper is grub?

the recommended way of doing it is to either use the debian kernels, or,
if you build your own, creating a .deb package for it (see
kernel-handbook, wiki.debian.org/Kernel and man make-kpkg for more
information) and place that .deb into config/chroot_local-packages. it
will automatically be taken up by live-helper then.

ThankYou very much for the suggestion: I "debianized" my custom kernel.

.... however, you can take the
necessary options from debian-cd which creates the official d-i
installer cds for all arches (including hppa). please send a patch when
there is something to add/change in live-helper.


such disclaimers are useless anyway, but they're also pretty much stupid
when writing to a public audience. please try to avoid this when writing
to mailinglists.

Yes you're right, I'm sorry.

Pier Maria Mattioli

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