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Re: Building and using Debian Live

Il venerdì 03 ottobre 2008 19:20:32 T o n g ha scritto:

>   - if multi compressed filesystem exist in the "/live" directory, which
> one is the "exposed" one by aufs by default? How can I specify one?


As default all filesystems present in the /live subdir will be sorted and then 
added to the aufs union.

You can specify a list with the "module" boot parameter, look at live-
initramfs man page for more informations.

>   - is it possible to use some boot cheatcode to designate searching
>     directory name other than "live"? -- If so, I can put multi live
> systems
>     on the same usb.

Use "module" for that, it was designed to do so.

> - Slax has a pair of command, active/deactive, to add or remove optional
>   compressed filesystems into root aufs on the fly. Is there similar
>   capability in Debian Live as well?

Not yet, but if slax uses aufs this tool could be ported directly.


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