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Persistent storage


> . . . if they all don't work for you, let us know what you want so that we
> can dream up something that does.

Thanks, here it goes, about live-initramfs. 

Currently, live-initramfs supports persistent home. I hope that we can
extend the concept one step further -- persistent storage.

Some people like to save everything in their personal home folder. That's
something you have to do when you are confined to do so, in where you work
for example. But for my own box, I'd rather put things more logically. Big
and heavy files like downloaded debian or other packages or movies, photos
downloaded off my camera or from other people, just an idea, will be stored
elsewhere. This not only put more logic in folder arrangement, but ease my
backup task as well -- so I don't need to scratch my head thinking why my
home take up so much space every time I want to just backup just my own
stuff. :-)

I.e., we need a logical place one level higher than home. For example, I
call it export, and here is how I arrange it. From '/' root:

/export   -- mounted fs or persistent storage
home -> /export/home/

and under export folder I have:


just an example illustrating the logical arrangement I need for the examples
I gave above.

Ok, in conclusion, although the post is long, but we need to do only a tiny
bit of change to the current live-initramfs -- adding a persistent storage
parallel to persistent home, using the same mechanism. and people can choose
either or both at their own will.


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