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Re: Building and using Debian Live

Il sabato 04 ottobre 2008 00:20:50 Chris Lamb ha scritto:

> > - I noticed that both live-helper and live-initramfs have their own
> >   config. Seems to me both define live users etc. I haven't read into
> >   details yet, but can any one comment on this?

> Hm, live-initramfs doesn't have any configuration files - it reads the
> configuration from the kernel command line on boot, which is--in
> turn--set by live-helper internally and in the LH_*BOOTAPPEND options.

Yes it has /etc/live.conf which is copied in the initramfs and could be used 
to pass to it some initialized variables, the same which are generated in the 
"live" script from the boot parameters.


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