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Building and using Debian Live


My first post here. Please bear with me if my questions are obvious.

Several questions regarding building and using Debian Live:

- Is it possible to do my own debootstrap, do my own customizations to 
  then use the live-helper scripts to build an bootable iso out of it?

All the blogs/tutorials I found simply use 'lh_build'. Can you show me how
to use lh_binary scripts to build an bootable iso? 

- about live-initramfs, the comment says, "you probably do not want to
  install this package onto a non-live system". My interpretation is that
  simply installing the live-initramfs into chroot will do the trick, even
  if it is my own customised live-initramfs, correct?

- I noticed that both live-helper and live-initramfs have their own
  config. Seems to me both define live users etc. I haven't read into
  details yet, but can any one comment on this?

- again live-initramfs, the manpage says, "at boot time it will look for a
  (read-only) media containing a "/live" directory where a root 
  (often a compressed filesystem image like squashfs) is stored". My
  questions are:

  - if multi compressed filesystem exist in the "/live" directory, which 
    is the "exposed" one by aufs by default? How can I specify one?

  - is it possible to use some boot cheatcode to designate searching
    directory name other than "live"? -- If so, I can put multi live 
    on the same usb.

- Slax has a pair of command, active/deactive, to add or remove optional
  compressed filesystems into root aufs on the fly. Is there similar
  capability in Debian Live as well?

sorry for so many questions. Thanks for you help.

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