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Re: [Patch] Assign password (encrypted) from boot parameters

On Friday 03 October 2008 10:49:51 Joseph Rawson wrote:
> I'm sorry if y'all get this mail twice, it seems that there was a server
> having problems somewhere between here and the list.
The problem seems to be that my ISP is blocking outbound connections to port 
25.  I was able to use the alternate port for gmail (587), but I wonder how 
long it will be until spammers start using that port, and it gets blocked as 
a result.

I honestly thought that ISP's had stopped this nonsense long ago, and started 
using more sophisticated methods to fix the problem.  Anyway, I know this is 
offtopic, but I wanted y'all to know that this type of thing is still going 

Joseph Rawson

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