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Re: [Patch] Assign password (encrypted) from boot parameters

On Friday 03 October 2008 03:41:59 Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> (Does Debian still default to crypt?)
Here's a better answer, after a little more reading.  It seems that 
technically crypt is still being used.  It seems that the crypt function in 
glibc2 can use more than the DES mechanism, and this is determined by the 
dollar signs that prefix the ecrypted hash.  It seems that $1$ means that 
crypt() will use md5.  You can read more on this by typing:

man 3 crypt

It seems that password authentication will use the method identified in 
between the dollar signs, regardless of the method that is defined in pam (I 
suppose to keep from getting accounts locked).  Generating or updating a 
password will use the method that's defined in pam.

This topic is something that had been confusing me for quite a while, and your 
post gave me a good excuse to read more into it, as I was also curious on how 
this works.

Joseph Rawson

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