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Re: [Patch] Assign password (encrypted) from boot parameters

I'm sorry if y'all get this mail twice, it seems that there was a server 
having problems somewhere between here and the list.

On Friday 03 October 2008 03:41:59 Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> (Does Debian still default to crypt?)

Debian seems to default to md5, although figuring out where it's being done 
takes a bit of digging.  The /etc/login.defs seems to convey that DES is 
being used, but /etc/pam.d/common-password overrides this and uses md5.

You can check that md5 passwords are being used, if in your /etc/shadow file, 
the password hashes start with $1$ .

You can recreate these hashes like this.
In /etc/shadow, pick your user entry and notice the form:

use a space before typing this in and it won't be recorded in .bash_history if 
you have HISTCONTROL set to ignorespace or ignoreboth.  You'll need to use 
the <salt> above in the next command.

Here 'plaintext' is your password.
<space bar>  echo 'plaintext' | mkpasswd --salt=<salt> --method=md5 -s

Joseph Rawson

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