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Live-Helper PXE/TFTP server DebianLive error

Stephen Yorke wrote:
> When I boot my LiveCD I get the error:
> 	exportfs: Warning: /srv/debian-live does not support NFS export.

aufs in Debian doesn't support NFS export. It looks like I forgot to
report it, I'll do so later today, unless someone else beats me to it.

Here is how I modify the Debian source package to use NFS exports:
    sed -i -e '2 iexport CONFIG_AUFS_EXPORT=y' debian/conf.mk
    sed -i -e 's/ -I/ -DCONFIG_AUFS_EXPORT -I/' debian/conf.mk

(That's dirty, but I wanted to have it scripted and possibly resistant
to later modifications to the aufs source package.)


Cyril Brulebois

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