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eth0: no IPv6 router present

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 10:57:35AM -0500, W Paul Mills wrote:
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> Thomas H. George wrote:
> | Some Progress.  The ifconfig shows that eth0 has been given the address
> | and will not allow it to be changed or deleted.  However
> | ifconfig will create eth0:0 and allow the address of the parent machine
> | to be assigned to eth0:0 after which I can successfully ping other
> | machines on the lan.  The catch is there is no option in ifconfig to
> | define the gateway - e.g. the lan IP address of the firewall - so there
> | is no access to the internet.
> That is the job of route.
> route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I tried 'route add default gw' and got an new line in the
response to route reading '   etc'  Next I tried
'route add -host gw' and the the response to
route was 'debian Cerberus.Zoo  UGH   0  0  0  eth0'
where debian is the hostname assigned when the Debian Live CD was built
and I had edited /etc/hosts to associate the names with the IP addresses.  

I also edited /etc/resolv.conf to enter the IP address of a Verizion

The network is still unreachable although all the machines
on the lan respond to pings.

Could the problem be the IP address is still assigned to
eth0?  I have been unable to remove this and it is always the first item
in the output of ifconfig.  It is now followed by an entry for eth0:0
which contains the address.  If the firewall sees it will drop the message on the floor.

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