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Bug#486469: persistence: options to only check partition labels or disable snapshots

El Monday 16 June 2008 12:31:08 Thibaut GIRKA va escriure:
> Package: live-initramfs
> Severity: wishlist
> An option, to only check partition labels for live-rw and home-rw
> instead of mounting every partition and search image files, would be
> nice, since it'll speed up the boot time.
> An option to disable snapshots (persistence enabled, snapshots disabled)
> would be nice too.
all that, and more, can do my version of live-initramfs,


using this version of live-initramfs  with a correctly parametrized live.conf, 
in a Debian Live OS installed on hard disk is not necessary any loop to check 
the block devices,

try this, specially the configuration named pcsample

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