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robust netboot image

debian installer has some blacklist function I seem to remember... not
sure if that is also implemented in debian live... ???
perhaps that could be the model to used to solve this problem?

2008/6/16 Michael Creel <michael.creel at uab.es>:
> Hello all,
> Working on PelicanHPC, I have found that ISO images always boot on diverse
> hardware, but that the same configuration used to make a netboot image
> sometimes fails to boot. I personally have seen the netboot image fail on a
> Dell desktop machine, while loading firewire drivers. Users of PelicanHPC
> inform me that netboot sometimes fails while loading scsi drivers. This
> problem is very much the exception to the rule - things almost always work
> well. For PelicanHPC, the netboot images are only used to boot compute
> nodes, and the only resources used on the nodes are the CPU and the memory,
> so support for device drivers is mostly not needed. Is there a way to
> configure a netboot image that maximizes the chances it will boot without
> encountering hardware problems by disabling probing for hardware? Will the
> livefailsafe boot option help?
> Thanks, Michael
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