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robust netboot image

Hello all,

Working on PelicanHPC, I have found that ISO images always boot on diverse
hardware, but that the same configuration used to make a netboot image
sometimes fails to boot. I personally have seen the netboot image fail on a
Dell desktop machine, while loading firewire drivers. Users of PelicanHPC
inform me that netboot sometimes fails while loading scsi drivers. This
problem is very much the exception to the rule - things almost always work
well. For PelicanHPC, the netboot images are only used to boot compute
nodes, and the only resources used on the nodes are the CPU and the memory,
so support for device drivers is mostly not needed. Is there a way to
configure a netboot image that maximizes the chances it will boot without
encountering hardware problems by disabling probing for hardware? Will the
livefailsafe boot option help?

Thanks, Michael
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