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Lenny general freeze ahead

On 06/06/2008, Jordi Pujol <jordipujolp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>  looking at the changes in live-initramfs v1.132.1
>  there is the following change:
>  @@ -979,7 +965,7 @@
>                         rofslist="${image} ${rofslist}"
>                 elif [ -f "${image}" ]
>                 then
>  -                       backdev=$(get_backing_device "${image}")
>  +                       backdev=$(get_backing_device "${image}" "-r")
>                         fstype=$(get_fstype "${backdev}")
>                         if [ "${fstype}" = "unknown" ]
>                         then
>                                 panic "Unknown file system type on ${backdev} (${image})"
>                         fi
>                         mkdir -p "${croot}/${imagename}"
>                         echo "debug: Mounting backdev \"${backdev}\" (image = ${image}) on
>  croot/imagename \"${croot}/${imagename}\""
>                         mount -t "${fstype}" -o ro,noatime "${backdev}" "${croot}/${imagename}" ||
>  panic "Can not mount ${backdev} (${image}) on ${croot}/${imagename}" &&
>  rofsstring="${croot}/${imagename}=${roopt}:${rofsstring}" &&
>  rofslist="${croot}/${imagename} ${rofslist}"
>                 fi
>  considering that the mount command also is done with the readonly option, What
>  is the finality of invoking losetup with the option -r ?

It's pretty much irrelevant but it is still cleaner to set up the
device readonly.

>  Also consider that if the invoked losetup command is the Busybox internal
>  command, the booting process will fail with an error for unknown option,

The whole reason for this change was to make the script work wit
losetup that ships with the loop-aes. It is recommended so it is
installed and stuff breaks because of it.

It is fine with me if the change is reverted and live-initramfs
conflicts with loop-aes-utils.

Still the inability to set up readonly devices is a deficiency of
BusyBox. Similarily it fails to understand -f and -n mount options
which would break stuff if busybox mount was used.



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