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Lenny general freeze ahead

> Still the inability to set up readonly devices is a deficiency of
> BusyBox. Similarily it fails to understand -f and -n mount options
> which would break stuff if busybox mount was used.
about the Busybox mount command,
can be that the option -n is not well documented in busybox,

my personalized initramfs-tools not includes the executable files for commands 
that are already built into busybox, and with the internal mount the next 
instruccions work correctly,

+ mount -n -t tmpfs tmpfs /xino

+ mount -n -o remount,add:1:/filesystem-lzma.squashfs=rr aufs /root

+ mount -n -o remount,add:1:/pcjordi.squashfs=rr aufs /root

+ mount -n -o remount,add:1:/tws.squashfs=rr aufs /root


Jordi Pujol

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