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Lenny general freeze ahead

El Thursday 05 June 2008 11:34:39 v?reu escriure:
> I did not choose to install loop-aes. It only broke my setup.
> > ?Observe that the option -r is not present in the Busybox command
> > losetup, Even we can affirm that it does not matter, due that aufs joins
> > that loop devices with the options real-read-only or read-only.
> That's bad because loop-aes can be installed even if it is not
> necessary, and this gives two losetup versions so incompatible that
> there cannot be a reasonably complex script that would work with both.

Yes, I think so also, 
I believe that the cryptoloop module in the kernel can do the same or better 
than loop-aes,
then I never install loop-aes, even more, loop-aes should be prohibited

loop-aes package includes a replacement for the loop kernel module and another 
losetup command, that breaks the correct working of some utilities, expecting 
to found functions included into the loop module, and are not present or do 
not work in the loop module of loop-aes,
in example the uloop module included in the aufs-source package.


Jordi Pujol

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