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Lenny general freeze ahead

On Wednesday 04 June 2008, 15:11:42, Otavio Salvador wrote:

> > So please, this is not a battle for this particular commit, just that I'm
> > scared about the your concepts of "cleanness", separation and "uglyness"
> > [0] and "beauty" [0] required for future work.

> I'm sorry but I can't agree with you. If we don't force a style it can
> be easier for you to work on that _today_ but it will be worse later.

I agree with you, I want rules too.

I just wanted to discuss this particular set of rules which I find 
time-consuming and not well suited for the purpose (which seems to be 
not "trashing git history" among others). Like using a nuclear bomb to kill 

> We can't accept exceptions and this works fine in many projects much
> bigger then Debian Live, this will and does work fine for a small
> project like Debian Live.

I agree too, and I really think I was misunderstood by both you and Daniel, 
which is obviously my fault.

Anyway, as I stated, I will adhere to the unwitten rules as they manifests, 
even if I seem to not agree with them and even if you do not like to discuss 
them. So expect 2 commits with no codying style change from me.

As engineering teachs, there is a tradeoff between innovation and 
conservation, I just say that the rationale of your tradeoffs does not 
convice me, but I also think that this discussion took too much time for me 
(and maybe also for you) and I do not see ways to let my ideas penetrate 
without spending more time.

So another tradeoff there.


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