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Lenny general freeze ahead

On Tuesday 03 June 2008 18:13:18 Daniel Baumann wrote:

> * In two weeks (2008-06-16): Deadline for features to be added or making
>   'incompatible' changes

>   For everything else and to everyone else: *Please*, if you have
>   patches send them as early as possible to the mailinglist so that they
>   can be discussed and merged.


This mailing list did not discussed it a lot, maybe the features I added seems 
not so valuable as I think: Debian Live regular users and d-l derivative users  
will be happy to gain a so fine grain control on the now working snapshots if 
this thing will be merged.

>   Please respect the general common sense
>   to split changes into individual context/topic patches.

This is what I intended to do, the context was "new release of live-snapshot", 
sincerely. After thinking a little more, I could split it in two part: 
/etc/live-snapshot.list feature and "live-snaphot --refresh" feature.

I just have no time to split to finer level, since I'm used to XP which leaves 
you the good (IMHO) and bad (ITIYHO) habit to always refactor and reformat the 
code one is working whit. So in a couple of seds I renamed the function names 
like the rest of the code and cleaned the code (I saw you merged some minor 
cleanups) while adding the first feature, then I saw the space and the use-
case for the --refresh helper.

>   Bonus points
>   if it's possible to merge them from a git branch.

This was done too. [0] I could rebase it if needed.

> * In four weeks (2008-06-30): Having all features of live-initramfs and
>   live-helper verified to work and fixed bugs (or, if not working,
>   marking them as experimental and place big warnings where appropriate)

I'm testing deeply my added features for work, I would like to spend my little 
spare time to test more and add another helper to live-snapshot If I can ("--
automagical-init" for finding itself a writable partition with a nice 

> * In six weeks (2008-07-14): Having all features of live-initramfs and
>   live-helper documented properly, in the packages itself (manpages) as
>   well as in the live-manual.

As you saw, my new live-snapshot patch included manpages update (also a 
translation :-)). 

A good thing to rush to, should be the debian-installer integration and 
testing (maybe I'll do in the work hours like latest 2 features If I could 
convince again my boss we need this feature and push the priority up) .

I'm afraid I could not help more, but I need to program how to spend time 
precisely, and my priority are on creativity (scratch the hitch) and bug 
fixes. I really would enjoy more freedom in merging other code, strict rules 
need time and effort to adhere, and there are diminishing return in really 
using a cvs so precisely like you seems to enjoy (look latest 3 commits, 
spaces, copyright and a version number... )

No critics, but please discuss without prejudice.

[0] http://git.debian.org/?p=users/mammadori-guest/live-

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