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Lenny general freeze ahead


  About live-initramfs, I'm ahead of a small problem with mksquashfs,
I'd like to know if it's a known problem :

To do a live system with a small size, I choose to remove from squashfs
all files from /usr/share/doc, /usr/share/man and /usr/share/locale. I
tried before to remove them directly in the chroot, but then I have
errors with apt/aptitude trying to remove some packages. So, I added in
my live building script :

export MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS="$MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS -info -e usr/share/doc usr/share/man usr/share/locale"

It works, but looking at lh_binary_rootfs where the variable
MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS is used, I've seen statements like :


As my definition is read before this one, the result will be a command
like :

mksquashfs ... -e path1 path2 ... pathn  -no-progress

and the option '-no progress' is considered by mksquashfs as an
excluded path and not an option (it's why I added '-info' in my script).

This problem could be solved by either :

- modify lh_binary_rootfs to add options on the front of
MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS, but IMHO it's a weak solution
- modify lh_binary_rootfs to add a MKSQUASHFS_EXCLUDES variable which
will be added at the end of mksquashfs command ; this variable should
contain only path to be excluded, lh_binary_rootfs should add '-e'
option in front of it. This is my best choice

  If you think it's useful, I could do a small patch for
lh_binary_rootfs, but perhaps there is another solution ?


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