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Problems building on Ubuntu my ArtistX 0.5

Chris Lamb wrote:
> Which parts, exactly? The wizard part is certainly simpler than your 
> five steps.
The wizard IMHO is a somehow hybrid between a incomplete newbie-proof 
tool and a limited GUI for Debian Live.
Incomplete because it lacks simple end-user graphic customization 
(syslinux, progress splash -usplash or splashy- and 3 gnome themes -gtk, 
metacity and icons- ), which is one of the most desirable feature for 
new users (geek guy "show off your linux to friends or build your own 
mediacenter or build a distcc farm...", Small Medium Enterprises doing 
an appliance cd, 3D studio doing a night-only based renderfarm...).
Limited because to be really usable for not so many super-expert Debian 
Live devs and users it should be complete as much as possible near to 
the features of the configs/put your files in folders/execute one single 
command Debian Live I think we all love and use. The GUI should be 
progressed as the commandline version progress and this, always IMHO, is 
low priority.
High priority is having a super usable GUI for non-techs and a super 
strong command line version for techs. One of the two is lacking partially.

I don't want anybody here to think that I'm not respecting the work done 
in this community. I LOVE Debian and Debian Live (including Live Magic) 
and as such I'm grateful to all developers.
Still I'm from a communication background and I tend to see things 
differently sometimes :-)

I still want to put some resources on it if we agree this would be a 
simple way of promoting Debian simplicity.

Just my two cents, really.


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