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live-initramfs, busybox and mount --move


My recent Debian Live rebuilds (from an up-to-date) Lenny system have
been working fine, except that using the 'toram' option drops me into
busybox. Looking at the sources, it looks that this is due to the fact
that 'mount --move' (as opposed to 'mount -o move') is used a few
times in scripts/live, which doesn't seem to work with the busybox
version of mount. Is there an easy way to work around that? I really
do love my toram a lot.

Also, if one wanted to propose a patch to change that, would making
the changes on the git soources and then posting the output of 'git
diff' be appropriate?
I don't think I should do that right now, being that I don't have
enough disk space left to install the build dependencies for
live-initramfs and thus wouldn't be able to test such a patch, but I
would eventually like to learn to contribute to the project.


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