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Simple GUI

Le Mon, 07 Apr 2008 11:22:22 +0200,
Marco Ghirlanda <escherian at gmail.com> a ?crit :

> 1) Graphic customization (Grub, Splashy, Desktop - metacity border,
> gtk controls, icons) as done in Reconstructor for Ubuntu
We use syslinux, never grub/yaboot for technical reasons.
We use usplash cause splashy is a little bugged
for themes/icons, It's possible to work on it through hooks scripts but
I don't know gnome :)... I'll try to found some people to help me on
this after our points (i18n, somes hooks, files copies, ...)

> 2) Add external sources to sources.list before AND after building
You mean in apt ?
I don't know how debian-live handle this and it's almost impossible
with python-apt... But I'll watch that the idea is good.
for "after" it's very easy.

> 3) Use an external pc to do the job (nobody wants it's pc to sit down
> as it is slowed down during remastering).
ssh -X is your friend :)

> Many others, but these things are 100% necessary.
> Feel free to ask any question and if I can help, I am very interested 
> into your soft.
I'll on gtk/them/icons hooks scripts if you accept :) . In about 1
month not before.

Erwan Le Gall

Groupe LINAGORA - http://linagora.com
T?l : +33 1 58 18 68 28
fax : +33 1 58 18 68 29

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