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Simple GUI

Le Mon, 7 Apr 2008 12:29:43 +0300,
Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com> a ?crit :

> Why an XML file?

Easy to fast hack, send, read, ...
A flat file was maybe a better Idea but we have in template file more
elements that's there is in config directory (and we doesn't want
have the packages... the file must be light)

> In fact, I simply dump the config directory on my CD to make it
> possible to rebuild it :-)

I'm actually thinking of a way to obtain two kind of template save :
one light xml file and a complete file with external files/packages/...

> > 	*Bootsplash
> Right. And show that image with the right number of colors...

Useless, the application handle a lot of format and automatically
convert them.

> > -Image manager : 
> > 	*Test the image with qemu directly into the application
> > 	*Copy the image on a CD/DVD or usbkey directly by the same
> > application
> > 	*Test the CD/DVD or USBKey with qemu directly with the
> > application
> Is a USB image the same as a CD image? If not, what do you actually
> mean here?

The application choose how to launch qemu using the file extension
(iso/img). Same to know if it must launch wodim or sdd (instead of dd).

More clear ?

Erwan Le Gall

Groupe LINAGORA - http://linagora.com
T?l : +33 1 58 18 68 28
fax : +33 1 58 18 68 29

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