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Simple GUI

Erwan Le Gall wrote:
> So... I'm asking you if you see something missing that you want to
> found in this application. A particular option, a hook script that's
> you found useful...
> At this moment our first things to do before deliver is :
> -i18n
> -some hooks scripts
> -some client options to delete/rework
> -your ask :)
1) Graphic customization (Grub, Splashy, Desktop - metacity border, gtk 
controls, icons) as done in Reconstructor for Ubuntu
2) Add external sources to sources.list before AND after building
3) Use an external pc to do the job (nobody wants it's pc to sit down as 
it is slowed down during remastering).

Many others, but these things are 100% necessary.

Feel free to ask any question and if I can help, I am very interested 
into your soft.

I even dare to say that the lack of a COMPLETE GUI is one of the main 
lacks of this project and for sure limiting it's diffusion between non tech.

I would like to see thousands of Live CD based on Debian, but there are 
far more based on Ubuntu thanks to simple gui's like Reconstructor ( 
http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/ ) or UCK ( http://uck.sourceforge.net/ )

Cheers all and keep the great work!

Marco Ghirlanda

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