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Simple GUI

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:11:05AM +0200, Erwan Le Gall wrote:
> Me again,
> One of our client has ordered a GUI to build Live-CD and Live UsbKey.
> To do that we have worked on a PyQT interface (cause our client use KDE
> and live-magic wasn't doing the job). Debian Live is the real engine,
> infact we have only make a graphical interface on it.
> At this moment, we have almost finished and the client will deliver the
> product in about 1 month (certainly GPLv3 or Cecill or both)... But
> during this time, I still have the sources and I can work on it to
> prepare the community deliver.
> The aim of this GUI is to be simple and usable by a standard adminsys
> without any doc read or complex things to know. The principals features
> are :
> -templates collection manager : each image is build with different
> configuration. Each configuration can be saved on a simple xml file.
> This file is a kind of Live specification to rebuild on another
> computer.

Why an XML file?

We already have a configuration format (a bunch of variables in pre-set
locations). A tar / zip archive of those would work just as well. It
would also allow saving additional debs and such.

In fact, I simply dump the config directory on my CD to make it possible
to rebuild it :-)

> -Packages manager : A simple distribution package manager (synaptic
> like), very simple local packages manager.
> -Options manager : 
> 	*Lang/keyboard (At this moment only french and Eng are
> well managed... But it's very easy to change that). 
> 	*Hostname/username
> 	*Live type : USB or iso
> 	*Bootsplash

Right. And show that image with the right number of colors...

> 	*Usplash
> 	*Timeout
> 	*Encryption
> 	*Interactive mode (allow you to choose somes options like lang
> at the Live start)
> 	*Partitions automount (Off, automount, forensic, Interactive)
> 	*DHCP (Off/on/interactive)
> 	*Optional Option : capabilities to add option to lh_config
> 	*Hooks scripts manager
> -Build screen (whit a summary and a follow of lh_build output)
> -Image manager : 
> 	*Test the image with qemu directly into the application
> 	*Copy the image on a CD/DVD or usbkey directly by the same
> application
> 	*Test the CD/DVD or USBKey with qemu directly with the
> application

Is a USB image the same as a CD image? If not, what do you actually mean

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