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lh_config -f minimal is broken ?

> > Maybe "lh_config -f minimal" should set LH_APT to apt to prevent
> > aptitude installation.
> ...as you correctly found out (thanks!), lh_config also needs to check
> for the non-working LH_APT=aptitude setting when using the minimal
> flavour. will add that.

The --apt flag should be used so aptitude won't be installed and the iso
will be smaller, which is what user certainly want when select the minimal

But --apt aptitude won't work with minimal flavour until these two line will
be corrected :

/usr/bin/lh_chroot_sources:123:                 if [ "${LH_APT}" =
"aptitude" ] && [ ! -x /usr/bin/aptitude ]
/usr/bin/lh_chroot_sources:158:                         if [ ! -x
/usr/bin/aptitude ]

The test have to check that aptitude exist in the chroot, not on the build

/usr/bin/lh_chroot_sources:123:                 if [ "${LH_APT}" =
"aptitude" ] && [ ! -x chroot/usr/bin/aptitude ]
/usr/bin/lh_chroot_sources:158:                         if [ ! -x
chroot/usr/bin/aptitude ]

Like this, "lh_config -f minimal" works with aptitude.
Is this correct ?

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