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etch problems: auto LH_INITRAMFS, \${LH_UNION_FILESYSTEM}, lh_clean


I started working with debian-live on Etch again, and as usual wasted a
number of days just to get it built properly.

Bugs encontered:

1. lh_build can run wild and (if left alone) force you to reboot the
   build system due to over-swapping.

  Fix: handle lh_build --usage.

2. If LH_INITRAMFS is not set in the configuration files, the build will
   fail (somewhere at lh_binary, due to DESTDIR being undefined).
3. Unionfs modules would not install and thus the unionfs mount fails.

--- a/functions/defaults.sh
+++ b/functions/defaults.sh
@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@ Set_defaults ()
        # Set linux packages
        if [ -z "${LH_LINUX_PACKAGES}" ]
-               LH_LINUX_PACKAGES="linux-image-2.6 \${LH_UNION_FILESYSTEM}-modul
+               LH_LINUX_PACKAGES="linux-image-2.6 ${LH_UNION_FILESYSTEM}-module
                if [ "${LH_CHROOT_FILESYSTEM}" = "squashfs" ]

Note that defaults.sh guarantees somewhere above that part that 
LH_UNION_FILESYSTEM is set. Is the above a hook to override it later?

4. (minor issue) All the text screens of syslinux are now terminated
with a newline. This seems to break the original intention of the text
there, that uses the word "Boot:" of syslinux as part of the sentence. 

The one of f3 has an extra line.

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