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live-helper or live-package?


On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 09:22:31PM +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Mathieu GELI wrote:
> > live-helper. See [1].
> > It is in unstable (but well unstable builds are supposed to be broken
> > at the moment)
> > For etch, there are backports here [2]
> just to avoid missunderstandings: /creating/ live images *of* debian
> unstable are currently not possible in an automated way due to the
> missing linux-modules-* upload.
> unrelated to that, the live-helper version *in* debian unstable are
> perfectly fine and working for builds *of* stable and testing.

Just for the record, I am currently failing to build anything with sid
live-helper since saturday (version ~a11). I have two different
settings (one is a sid chroot, the other one is a pure sid machine)
and both are failing in (very) different and (somewhat involved) ways
(late in the build process). I am still trying to understand and
isolate (and report if it does not come from between the keyboard and
chair...) the roots of the problems (conflicting or missing

So either I am unable to setup a proper sid environment or there is
something I have missed or overlooked. Just saying this in case I was
not the only one having a hard time with live-helper in sid.

I am currently setting up an etch environment for live-helper in the
hope of having at least one working setting for reference (I will let
you know of the outcome...).  :-)

Thanks for the work on live-helper anyways,  :-)
Fr?d?ric Lehobey
(still catching up since live-package times...)

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