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Yesterday's debian-live-etch-i386-gnome-desktop.iso hangs on NEC Versa P8100 laptop.

Erik Christiansen wrote:
> Is there anything I can do to help it over the hump, and continue
> booting?

I'm afraid I cannot reproduce this here. The image you are refering to
is perfectly working here.

The symptom you have been experience however is, that
casper/live-initramfs does not find the cdrom to mount the squashfs
image, and thus dropping into the busybox shell.

In general, this can have several reasons: the cdrom device cannot be
properly found or was wrong detected, the cdrom device is not supported
by linux at all, or the image is corrupted.

Please have a look at /var/log/casper.log (or /casper.log) and see if
you can find a hint there.

I assume that linux otherwise is generally working well on your system,
so it would be nice if we can find a bug in casper/live-initramfs and
fix it to make it work for you.

> P.S. Is there a more user-oriented list that I should be using?

nope, you're just right here.

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