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testing live-helper_1.0~a9-1

Alle gioved? 10 maggio 2007, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:

> > - For casper, the option 'quickreboot' has no effect. After a 'sudo
> > reboot', the system always prompts the user to remove a CD-ROM or USB
> > drive and then hit enter.
> I've not tried it with casper, but with live-initramfs it just works.

Strange, what you changed here, Daniel ?

> > Also, I was wondering whether there is an easy solution for making the
> > 'cow' branch of the unionfs, which the Debian Live uses, persistent
> > without having to use another 'casper-rw' partition on the USB stick, and
> > without having to do a shutdown/reboot. I tried '/sbin/casper-snapshot'
> > and copied the resulting 'mnt/casper-snapshot/casper-sn.cpio.gz' to
> > '/live_media', so perhaps these steps can be written up as a script for a
> > daily crontab?

You should copy it to the "/" (root) of a partition that resides on a block 
device, and casper (and hence live-initramfs) should take care of resync on 
reboot or when you call casper-snapshot with the "resync string" that will be 
added on boot in /etc/casper.conf. (only if booted with the "persitent" boot 

> i think that is a good idea. unfortunately, i'm not yet that cached up
> to the snapshotting/persistency functionality, but i will think of it
> when i'll come to it soon.

As a crontab you could just call casper-snapshot with the correct resync 
string or with right parameters.

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