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Re: Bits and pieces related to Lintian

Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> writes:

> Next release
> ============
> To my knowledge, we do not have one planned.  Any suggestions?  Are
> there any bugs/changes that you would like to see fixed or implemented
> in the next version?

> Personally, I got my eyes on #617991, #622888, #527026, #387166 and the
> profile-proposal.  Nevertheless, I doubt I will get all of them done in
> the near future (except those that already have patches :D ).

I vote for removing the rc designation and kicking 2.5.0 out the door
relatively soon with whatever people have a chance to get done.  We're
being much more conservative right now about rc versions than I ever was.
Version numbers are cheap -- we should use them up.  :)

> BTS cleaning
> ============
> We are currently just a few bugs shy of 200 unfixed bugs and we have
> (mostly) stayed below 200 since early January (if you do not count
> pending bugs).  While we have been able to keep the bug count down for
> the past few months, we have accumulated nearly 60 new bugs since May
> last year[BG].
>   We have been doing a fair amount of work to keep this down, but
> occasionally a bug or two slips through.  Unfortunately, there are a lot
> of bugs, which I am not certain how to deal with.  In some cases there
> is just the original report.  That being said, I have also seen bugs
> with a bit of dialogue, where the report just ends with a lack of
> conclusion.
>   So I am hoping we could arrange some day to (re-)triage bugs or/and
> simply just fix a lot of bugs. :D  Perhaps as a part of DebConf11?

Yeah, typically there are oodles of wishlist bugs with an idea for some
sort of check that requires a lot of thought and/or work to do properly
and avoid false positives.  Those tend to accumulate without a lot of
energy investment.  The only thing that really helps is more people.  I'm
hopefully going to have more free time coming up, although Policy is in a
similar state and I've been working on that first since no one else has
really been committing there, whereas Lintian is at least treading water.

It might be worth starting to use usertags for some of this, with a
"pending design work" or "idea for new test requiring lots of work" or
some similar kind of category so it's clear that those bugs are
significant projects that are parked in the BTS until someone has a chance
to work on them.

> DebConf11
> =========
> Are there any plans for doing a Lintian BoF like last year or any other
> Lintian event for that matter?  The official call for events is closing
> in 8th of May (less than 2 weeks from now) as far as I understand.
> Unlike the ad-hoc BoF last year - We might actually get it on video. ;)

> Personally I plan to be present at DC11, but I have not bought a ticket yet.

Unfortunately, I can't make it this year.  But the BoF was great last year
and I definitely encourage the people who will be there to have one!

> Roll call
> =========
> I have had a look at the list of current uploaders as well as the alioth
> project page[AliPro] and from these I have compiled the following list
> of people:

Yeah, I was going to do this a while back and then never got to it.

> * Adam D. Barratt
> ~ Colin Watson
> - Frank Lichtenheld
> - Jeroen van Wolffelaar
> - Josip Rodin
> - Marc Brockschmidt
> ~ Raphael Geissert
> * Russ Allbery
> - Jordà Polo (alioth only/non-DD login)
> * Niels Thykier

> I am wondering if this list is accurate.  At least in the 4 months I
> have been active with the Lintian team I only recall seeing 3 (excluding
> myself) of these names in commit or on the mailing list, 4 if you count
> changelog entries in 2.5.0~rc1 that where made before I joined.
>   Of course, there are many ways to be an active and valuable member of
> any project without having committed any changes for a while (or even
> ever), so the above is a mere estimate for whether people are active
> (and it does not account for long term vacation/leaves either).
>   So, there is a "*" in front of the name if I have seen said person
> "recently" (as defined above) or via IRC debated a Lintian
> change/proposal/bug/etc. with said person.  Then there is a "~" if the
> person declared him-/herself "busy/focused elsewhere" (with no proof to
> being active again).  Finally there is "-" for "I do not know about said
> person".

Josip was the maintainer before the move to Subversion and hasn't been
active in quite some time.  Jeroen, Marc, and Frank were the new
maintainer team that took over from them.  I think all four have been busy
with other things for a while and probably wouldn't mind being removed
from the Uploaders just to clarify who's currently active.  (No real
reason to remove access beyond that.)

Jordà did a ton of great work on the web pages and lintian.d.o but hasn't
in some time.  I'm not sure if he's still interested / planning on doing
more work or not.

Colin mostly commits various Ubuntu synchronization things when they come
up and has for some time, which has always been nice.  His level of
involvement has been about the same while I've been working on Lintian.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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