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Re: Packaging text licenses

2019-12-15 1:26:28 PM Jonas Smedegaard : [...]
> As others in this thread have pointed out, Debian explicitly omits
> classifying license fulltexts as "free software" or "non-free software".
> As I understand it, you personally classify license fulltexts as
> "non-free software" and then add a rule that they are exceptionally
> accepted in main under specific narrow circumstances. [...]

I think personalising this discussion does not help anything.

How could one classify licence fulltexts that would enable them to be included in Debian under current rules otherwise?

Those packages using licence texts feel a bit like ones that display an included non-free image in response to certain actions and I am fairly sure that has not been acceptable in the past.


MJR - please excuse brevity because this was sent while mobile

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