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Re: Packaging text licenses

On 12/14/19 1:03 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> A rich collection of Free license fulltexts is relevant, not only for 
> our users to pick from (even on a lonely island) and copy into new 
> development project, but also as reference e.g. for testing license 
> checkers.
> What is _not_ helpful in my opinion, however, is yet another manually 
> curated selection of random license texts.  What I see generally useful 
> is to package this: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML

That looks like a great list to package. I'll need input on the
repository license status from the legal team as it could be ambiguous
from what I read in issues:

[Add top level license to license list code and files][1]
[Clarify under which license the license list itself is licensed][2].

> If you are interested in license checkers, then please consider joining 
> others with same interest at the irc channel #licenses on OFTC.net.
> Related is also https://wiki.debian.org/CopyrightReviewTools

Thanks for the pointers. Although my particular use case stops to new
projects, it could certainly be expended to benefit license checkers.

[1]: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML/issues/683
[2]: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML/issues/648

Baptiste BEAUPLAT - lyknode

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