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Re: Packaging text licenses

Greetings, all!

[Lurker in the Debian space, decloaking to ask a clarification.]

On 15 Dec 2019, at 07:01, Francesco Poli <invernomuto@paranoici.org> wrote:

But can DFSG-free data be prepared for the test suite of a program
intended to identify licenses?!? How can I test whether the program is
able to identify CC-by-nc-nd-v1.0 *without* feeding it the actual text
of that same license?!?

A subset of the more general “can Debian core ship non-free *data*”.
Is this not already addressed, eg by games which can use paid-for data but ship in Debian with replacement assets?
If so, the whole-as-one-package of licensecheck should ship analogously, barring exception for “fair use”/non-US-equivalents.
What am I missing here?

Perhaps an argument this is really shipping a convenience *cache* of freely-available read-only texts.
(You’re not being bound to anything if you download license texts from eg choosealicense.com or Apple’s legal site ….)
Are there existing Debian packages which perform this role already?
If so, analogize from those?

If licensecheck would thus ship as contrib or non-free, maybe split off the contrib and non-free data portions
into separate plug-in packages, which depend on licensecheck and which the core licensecheck could “suggest”?



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