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Re: Packaging text licenses

Hi Baptiste,

Quoting Baptiste BEAUPLAT (2019-12-14 11:55:40)
> Yesterday, I was looking for the CC-BY license text to start a new 
> project.
> I had to dig up to CreativeCommons's github repository to find the 
> text version. (I didn't want to copy/paste the HTML version on their 
> website).
> My question to you is: "Would it be interesting for others if I were 
> to create a package with missing text version of licenses?"
> Currently, in debian, we have the /usr/share/common-licenses/ that 
> includes a couple of one, but is missing CC- and MIT for instance. I 
> would find it useful to just cp the file to new projects.
> @debian-legal: How text license are qualified regarding their 
> licenses? Can 'legal text' can be considered as public domain and 
> packaged with whatever license (MIT/GPL) ?

A rich collection of Free license fulltexts is relevant, not only for 
our users to pick from (even on a lonely island) and copy into new 
development project, but also as reference e.g. for testing license 

What is _not_ helpful in my opinion, however, is yet another manually 
curated selection of random license texts.  What I see generally useful 
is to package this: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML

If you are interested in license checkers, then please consider joining 
others with same interest at the irc channel #licenses on OFTC.net.

Related is also https://wiki.debian.org/CopyrightReviewTools

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

Maintainer and current upstream author of Licensecheck

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