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Re: Hacking License

Thanks, Giovanni.

Yes, I think you described very well the issue I'm facing.

> if you want to go alone and driven by idealistic views alone, you
> are of course free to.

It's not what I want, but I see no real alternatives.
As you say, I'm driven by values (ideals?), but I'm pretty aware of
the practical and political issues you are talking about.

To be honest, I think the Hacking License could be a way out of some
of these issues, but... you will think I'm biased :-D

> Or, in other words, the test is "Is this license a new one, written by
> one random guy without legal counsel and without any community
> consensus?".

I think the test you wrote (and probably a link to your mail) should
be added to the Debian's wiki at https://wiki.debian.org/CornerCase
I think it would have saved us a lot of time (but I don't regret such
time since you all helped to improve the Hacking License a lot).

On the other hand, I think Debian developers should carefully consider
if this position won't end to reduce their own freedom (to adopt a new
license) and to give instead power to the wrong people, ultimately
reducing the users' freedom and the value of Free Software.

> And it is written in the FAQs you linked, question number 5.

IMHO that answer should be more clear on this.
At least, to me, that doesn't seem to cover the intents and context of
the Hacking License, so I supposed it was not written to discourage
its discussion here, but to discourage the discussion of clearly
equivalent or nearly equivalent licenses.

Anyway... it took a while... but I got it! :-)

> All the best, Giovanni.

A te! :-)


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