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Re: Hacking License

Giacomo Tesio <giacomo@tesio.it> writes:

> Hi, I've just published a new version of the Hacking License that
> receipts some of the objections proposed on debian-legal and on
> copyleft-next.
> […]
> I would really appreciate further feedbacks.

Please be aware that this is *not* a forum particularly suited for
forming a new copyright license text. We are volunteers specifically
focussed on discussing *works for submission to Debian*.

I acknowledge that you started discussions in the context of a specific
software work, and that is appreciated. However, you are strongly
seeking feedback not on the work of software, but on your new license

That's not a good use of this forum, and this forum is not especially
likely to be fruitful for that goal. You have already been told gently
that *for the purpose of Debian* we strongly discourage works have new
license texts.

Trying to come up with a new set of license conditions from scratch,
without using legal experts paid to work on the many drafts you'll need
to make such a text robust, is a huge waste of many people's time now
and in the future. For the sake of anyone who would receive that
software, I implore you to not do it, and also to not be under any
illusion that this discussion forum is a suitable way to meet that goal.
It is not.

If you want to release a work of software compatible with Debian, please
do everyone – yourself included – a huge favour and choose an existing,
well-understood, known-by-copyright-experts-to-be-effective free license
already used for many existing software works.

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Ben Finney

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