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Re: Hacking License

Il December 4, 2018 6:04:59 AM UTC, Ben Finney <bignose@debian.org> ha scritto:
>If you want to release a work of software compatible with Debian, please
>do everyone – yourself included – a huge favour and choose an existing,
>well-understood, known-by-copyright-experts-to-be-effective free
>license already used for many existing software works.

Hi Ben thanks for your advice. I know you mean well.

It's not my intention to abuse the debian-legal mailing list, I was
really looking for compatibility issues between the Hacking License
and the DFSG in the hope to address them before the widespread
adoption of the software it cover and the license.

While the copyright attribution embedded in the Hacking License is
designed to make updates to the license possible, I cannot be sure
that the changes that Debian would require would be compatible with
the rights granted to the users after the release, actually making the
software incompatible with Debian (the upstream copyright attribution
is terminated, like other grants, on violation of users rights).

I appreciate the feedbacks shared so far by Debian Legal volunteers,
and integrated them in the new version of the license to this aim.

If no further incompatibility exists between the Hacking License and
the DFSG, I will not annoy the list anymore.
If, on the other hand, no new copyleft license is allowed to enter
Debian, I'm fine with it, but I think this should be clearly stated
somewhere in the social contract.
Same if this is a problem of license authorship (because I'm neither a
lawyer nor a committee) or affiliation.

Ultimately, if "strongly discouraged" actually means "forbidden" I
just need to know it.

> However, you are strongly seeking feedback not on the work of software,
> but on your new license text.

No, let's be clear on this: I **welcome** all feedbacks about the
license's text, but here I'm **seeking** just for
I didn't release the software yet because it's innovative by itself
and I need an appropriate license to more effectively protect the
users' freedom in a strongly distributed computing platform.


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