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Re: Hacking License

El 11/12/18 a les 23:46, Paul Jakma ha escrit:
> On Tue, 11 Dec 2018, Eloi Notario wrote:
>> Furthermore, these patches will be protected by the GPLv3 and even if
>> publicly available Sencha will be unable to sell them,
> Probably you know this, and you meant "sell them exclusively or
> somesuch", but just to note:
> Nothing in the GPL prevents one from selling GPL source code.
> ;)
> regards,

Yes, this misunderstanding is the result of an attempt to reword this
paragraph and not proof-reading again ;-) That was really meant to say
that the actor could not *relicense* the third-party patches under
another, non-GPL license.

I am very well aware of the GPL-selling capabilities, actually my
paycheck comes in part from that very point :-)

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