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Re: Questions about libntru license/ntru patent status

William Whyte writes ("Re: Questions about libntru license/ntru patent status"):
> I think that entire FOSS Exception statement was imported from some other
> project. I'll get our legal people to have a look at what that's meant to
> mean and see if we can get clarification.

Please do.  It seems quite problematic.  I hope we don't have to rely
on it.

People have already mentioned 2(c) which seems to preclude combining
NTRU with any other GPL'd program.  It doesn't seem likely that this
is intentional.

(Also, 2(d) seems to add a further restriction - ie, to prevent the
use of the `written offer' approach to GPL compliance, and it's not
clear whether the `alongside on a network server' approach is


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